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Written defences

My partner and I play Salisbury threes when permitted. A quick summary:

2N Pre-empt in one minor 

3C Pre-empt in both minors

3D Pre-empt in one major

3H Pre-empt in both majors

3S Solid minor, no more than a queen outside

3N Pre-empt in one minor

2N/3D/3S are Brown Sticker which require written defences in some jurisdictions including Open +6 events in the ACBL  The ACBL events also required written defences to the Multi 2D  

We have just played in the NABC Hawaii where some events were Open +6 and then in the Scottish Winter 4s which required written defences for BSCs. In many cases the opponents discussed the written defences at the start of the round. During those events my partner and I opened a BSC on about twenty occasions, and on fewer than half did the opponents pass throughout. 

On not one single occasion did the opponents refer to the written defences during the bidding!

So, my question is this: when we open one of these and an opponents consults or does not consult the written defence, is the fact of whether he consulted it authorised or unauthorised to his partner?

Authorised information
Unauthorised information

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