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Wroclaw - the Pairs Schedule

I'm sure some loved it but I sure hated it and will never attend another tournament that has this schedule.

I am curious how others felt. Not being an expert, I don't like immersion bridge. I like a little time to look around.

Mixed qualifying was 3 days followed by 2 days of qualifying. Too much for me !! LoL

50 boards a day at the following times:






I would much prefer something like our Daylight Pairs

24 boards at 10 and 24 more at 3

There was one restaurant for your hour break after the 11:50 session with a very limited menu (necessary for the large crowd - I don't really fault them for that)

There were about 5 junk food trucks nearby that sold ice cream, hamburgers, bratwurst, crepes, and I forget the other ones.

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