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Wrong Slam

Yesterday in a bracketed KO match, we arrived at the wrong slam. My partner and I remain at a loss at how to best untangle the bidding, and would greatly appreciate advice. 

In first seat, I held AJT98 98 AQJT4 6 and opened 1, playing Lawrence-style 2/1. (Opponents pass throughout). Partner responds 2, and I am faced with my first dilemma: We play that 3 shows moderate extras, and without extras I should just rebid spades. I decide my shape constitutes enough and rebid 3. Was this a good choice?

Partner, holding Kx AKQxx K9x Axx bids 3. She is thinking she doesn't want to raise diamonds on three, and feels like bidding 3NT will probably end the auction, and is expecting to land in some slam. 3 would promise three, 3 would promise four, and I at least believed 3 promised six. Would 4 promise clubs, or is it the temporizing bid we needed here.

Thinking partner has six hearts, I raise to 4. Should I bid 4 here instead? She bids 4NT, RKCB for . I show two key cards, and she bids 6NT, which fails when the spade finess is off. 6 is laydown.


Thanks in advance for your help.

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