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Wuhan Restaurants

I asked the concierge at the New World hotel where I'm staying and he recommended trying the Wuhan International Plaza shopping mall. Al Levy and I went there last night. The restaurants are on the 7th, 8th, and 9th floors. The 7th floor looked like mostly fast food places and included a Dairy Queen plus many Chinese outlets. We ate in a hot pot restaurant on the 8th floor, traditional sit-down restaurants. Our meal was roughly $20 US each, expensive for China but reasonable for the quality. If you go I'd recommend joining someone who knows the ropes - I'll try a different style in the future. The 9th floor seemed to contain one large upscale restaurant - I can't yet comment on the prices. Few places have menus in English but most have photos of the dishes. At least some of the places on the 8th floor were still serving new customers at 9 PM, useful since the bridge play finishes relatively late and many restaurants here are closed by then.

Anyone have other suggestions or reports? We'll be here for two weeks!

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