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X and cue bid, forcing to suit agreement follow ups?

Hi all,

With all my partners, we play that an advancer's cue bid after a takeout double is forcing "to suit agreement". This is somewhat common from what I understand. However, we don't have any idea about what standard agreements are after the cue bid. In trying to formulate our own agreements, it would be great to understand what agreements others might have.

A few questions that have come up:

1) Can we set trumps to start slam exploration in some manner?

2) What do later cue bids show?

3) How do you show the double and bid hand vs a hand that simply had a takeout X?

A few examples:

(1) X P 2

P 2 P 2

P ?

What is 3 here? Does it suggest a heart fit? Should advancer be cue bidding now after 3? If they bid spades, is that a cue? 4 spades to further describe? 4 spades and 5 hearts? Should advancer bid 3NT with a stopper? Even if its a slow stopper like Qxx? What is 3 here? Is it forcing?


(1) X P 2

P 3 P ?

Is 3 forcing? Does it deny 4M?


Have had some different scenarios come up and no real agreement. While we are planning to make an agreement, I think it'd also be great to hear what (if anything) is considered expert standard and also what other people play.

Two months ago we had a hand that wanted to set trumps and start cue bidding after (1) X P 2 P 2, but then more recently also had a hand that was 3352 after (1) X P 2 P 2 P 2 P ? and wanted to look for a club stopper. I could certainly see an auction that started the same way but instead of 3352, has a hand that wants to set trump and explore slam.

Thanks for any advice, comments, insights, etc! :)

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