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You Be the Coach - Part I

In September 2017, the student bridge club at Carleton College asked me if I would be their bridge coach. Given that I myself was exceptionally fortunate in having a number of patient, understanding and fine mentors when I started out, I was happy to take on the job. 

A number of the students are quite enjoying the game – and it is clear that more than a few have plenty of ability.  Last year in Atlanta, the Carlton collegiate team won a trip to compete in that event. They did well and made it to the KO phase.  Another group in Atlanta (some Carleton students, with one from U of Minnesota) entered the Spingold and made it to day #2!  While they did lose by a lot to the Nickell team (tough draw!), they did get in a few double digit swings in their favor.  All in all, a pleasure and an honor to work with them!

After missing a scheduled meeting last weekend due to a snowstorm and temps that haven’t been around since mammoths roamed during the Ice Age, I decided to risk life and limb today.  Fortunately, the warnings about dense fog and glaze ice on the highway turned out only to be moderately so – thus I made it to Northfield.  We had two tables of players (including one expert professor).  When one student had to depart, Coach Bundy entered the fray.

You are playing with one of the top students.  Bid this hand!  (Sorry; do not recall vulnerability...)

Ax, 9x, AKQxx, AJ9x. 

After 3 passes to you, you open 1♦. Partner bids 1♠ and you bid:


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