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You Hold: "Are you kidding me?!?!?"

I am not sure what people are thinking, but this new fangled idea of titles of articles as "You Hold:" is very annoying to me. I don't care to read somerandom discussion of unknown significance simply because of a hand that I happen to hold in the story. I wart to know what the heck the topic is about, to see if this interests me.

I mean, compare "You Hold: Axx-KJxxx-AQx-xx" to "2/1 2C assemi-artificial without control" or "supporting spades in 2/1 before showing hearts" or "Is thisenough to open 1NT" or the like. I'd like to read the last three topics, with the last of these three a maybe. But, the "You Hold" might be a discussion of what to lead, whether to hook the Queen, how to count HCP, why your partner was an idiot and not you, or any number of less interesting topics.

So, I skip every one of these "You Hold:" articles.

Anyone else with me on this?

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