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Your choice for 3NT

An interesting question came up the other day.

What is your choice for the most useful meaning for a 3NT opening bid in first or second seat? There were several obvious ones tossed around. I have my own opinions, but I will hope to not introduce any bias into the responses.

Assume a fairly standard 2/1 context, with weak 2 bids, etc.

If the conditions of context would make a difference, say if your preference would change at IMPs versus matchpoints.

STRONG: balanced in some range
Gambling: 7+ tricks in a running minor suit. No outside aces or kings. No 4 card major
Less than an opener, both minors, at least 6-5
Less than an opener, both majors, at least 6-5
8+ tricks in one of the majors, with a solid suit
3NT does not exist in your opening repertory
4 level preempt in a minor
A good hand that wants to play in 3NT

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