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Your Favorite 1NT Defense

What is your favorite defense over a strong 1NT?

Cansino (X=pen, 2=M/, 2=, 2M=nat)
Cappelletti (X=pen, 2=one-suiter, 2=, 2M=5M4+m)
Dandy (X=/, 2=/M, 2=M, 2M=nat)
DONT (X=one-suiter, 2=/M, 2=M, 2=)
Meckwell (X=//, 2=M, 2=M, 2M=nat)
Multi Landy (X=pen, 2=, 2=6M, 2M=5M4+m)
Mylläri (X=4M5+m, 2=, 2=, 2=54+m)
Landy (X=pen, 2=, 2/2/2=nat)
Lionel (X=m/, 2m=m, 2M=nat)
Woolsey (X=4M5+m, 2=, 2=6M, 2M=5M4+m)

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