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Your favorite funny bridge story?

My bidding is only funny. My declarer play is hilarious. But sometimes things are actually humorous, as opposed to merely strange, at the table.

My personal favorite from my own experience came in the days before bidding boxes. My two roommates and a friend, all of whom had just begun learning the game at college, went to the Baltimore unit game, as we did once a month. As it happened,the four of us faced off in a late round. We were all novices, but very competitive, so we were all nervous, not wanting to make a big mistake against our peers and friends. My LHO dealt and passed, as did my partner.

Unfortunately, RHO heard a 1 bid from another table. He looked down and saw an opening hand with 4-4 in the majors. Even we knew what to do with those! He confidently doubled.

I must admit that I was burned out and tired by then, and was off in space. I heard my RHO double, so I looked carefully at my hand and counted 10+ HCP. Again, I knew what to do with that, so I smiled and redoubled. RHO and I were both proud. We've begun to figure out the whole bidding thing!

My LHO raised his hand and yelled, "DIRECTOR!" I was confused, but willing to wait out what Paul's problem was.

The director showed up and asked, "What seems to be the problem?"

"Well, we're playing in redoubled."

"Young man, WHAT redoubled???"

"Nothing. Just redoubled..."

When the smoke and laughter cleared, we were each given an average minus. Them for being the bozo that doubled a pass, me for trying to accept it.

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