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Your Ruling Please

You open 1NT, pass, 2 Stayman by partner, pass

pass! by you, then corrected to 2 (whoops) almost but not quite simultaneously with LHO putting down her pass card. There was a time lapse for discovery, but no pause for thought once you perceived what had occurred.

Law 25 addresses "unintended" calls, which, absent further clarification, this is.

Duplicate Decisions addresses inadvertent calls, which this also would be, but then seems to restrict these to "mechanical error" without defining what that is.

The club director ruled that the pass could not be corrected. Most experienced club members agree with the ruling. However, the ruling seems contrary to the plain English meaning of "unintended" and even "inadvertent."

Why should the director's decision be correct?




Your pass must stand
You should be allowed to substitute a valid Stayman response for your unintended pass.
Something else

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