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You've never seen this - trust me

Our first event at Nationals was the first day GNT Flight A Swiss.  We arrived at the table to see three boards and three new decks of cards still in their wrappers.  Two decks were green and one was blue.  So three of us each opened a pack of cards, discarded the jokers, shuffled and dealt,  As we were about to finish, one of the players with a green deck was frantically counting the cards in hand, she had ended up with an extra card.  After several recounts, we all agreed that she was now in possession of 53 cards with green backs.

So, logically, we counted the cards in the other board with a green deck, and all 4 hands had 13 cards.  Unfortunately, one of the hands from that board was exposed in the process,  So we reshuffled that board, and sorted the 53 card board into suits to see what the problem was.  This all took quite a bit of time, and a director came over to see why we were the only table not yet in play.  We explained the situation, and our sorting of the 53 card deck found that it had been packaged with two Jacks of diamonds.  So the director elected to not banish us to the dungeon. 

We proceeded to play the match.  On the 6th board, I dealt and passed.  LHO was still counting her cards.  She only had 12.  So I flippantly said, "where's the J when you need it?"  She found her extra card.  Surprised that it was indeed the J, she slapped it face up onto the table.

Well, I didn't come to the Nationals to win this way, and I had at least committed contributory negligence here, so I looked at partner, and we just proceeded with the board.

I know, what I said should not have triggered my LHO to expose the J during the auction.  But the whole sequence of events was just plain weird.

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