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World Bridge Series Team Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Rosenblum Cup, ZIMMERMANN (Zimmermann, Multon; Gawrys, Klukowski; Helgemo, Helness), who defeated LAVAZZA (Bianchedi, Madala; Bilde, Duboin; Bocchi, Sementa) in the final, 241-162.


In the Rand Senior Cup, MILNER (Milner, H. Lall; Garner, Lair; Kwiecien, Martens) defeated CHINA EVERTRUST (R. Lin, M. Shen, X, Shen, M. Sun, J. H. Tao) 229-106.


The McConnell Women's Cup was won by BAKER (Baker, McCallumn; Brock, Brown; Levitina, Sanborn), who won 232-166 over SMITH (K. Bertheau, Larsson, Leslie, Remen, N. Smith, Wiseman).

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