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I took a course in statistics as a graduate student years ago. The first hour of the course, a shabbily-dressed, long-bearded man came into the class, looked at us attentively, without saying anything, put up his right foot onto the instructor’s desk and said:

“See the sock on my right foot … it is RED.
What is the probability that the left one is also RED?”

After a short while, collecting a few answers from those who had the courage to speak up in such a puzzling situation, he changed his foot putting up the left one on the desk, and we all saw that his sock on the left was BLUE.

And he continued:

”Statistics is the science of variety.
Variety is the spice of life.
Then, statistics is the science of spice of life."

NOTE: I forgot most of what I learned in that course, including the name of the instructor and details of hypothesis testing (if not used, it is very likely to be forgotten); however,
I am 99-percent confident that I will never (!) forget this incident.
Sept. 12, 2015
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The perspective suggested by Alan Taylor looked logical and practical to me (after three glasses of Turkish Şiraz). That is, only try to give a signal where your concentrated values are, whenever you find it convenient. If you do not have any choice or decide not to give any signal, just let it go. No obligation on either player; signal or not; if you catch a signal, obey it or not… It is a free world, with a tiny extra edge.

I am not saying that F-S did something like this, maybe so, maybe not. I just like the idea!

Why don't I start testing this in my local club?! If it becomes successful gradually, in the long run, I may even win, say, a Spingold or EC. (Shoot, but I need a partner who will be willing to adopt this system. Offering someone to play such a system is very risky, so, very difficult to find a proper pard.)

The joking aside, thinking about many possible/probable ways of cheating, brought to mind by the F-S issue, I am (like some others) now more skeptical, and afraid that more sophisticated and hard-to-spot and/or -prove methods may get into the game (if not already somewhat there).

I believe there is a lot to do by the authorities, with voluntary and candid contributions from all leading actors and actresses involved, in order to direct the game toward a cleaner one, which can be played and followed in peace of mind.
Sept. 10, 2015
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Hi Timuçin, N'aber?

It is not clear to me.
Is this letter a response to the letter signed by the presidents of the Bridge Federations of six Nordic countries, given in an above link by Borgar Bjornsen (the post you commented “awesome” right after), or what?
Sept. 8, 2015
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Since the outcome has been very positive so far, I see no reason for not mentioning a negativity, IMO. (If said earlier in all those many comments, please take this being rephrased.)

Considering all the facts (some going well back, found out via these pages) and the technology at hand, I find it oddly negative why it required a heroic and very risky attempt,
supported by a large and respectable internet group, to reveal it,
hopefully leading to official investigations and decisions eventually.

Without support of BW, Boye’s effort would not yield this successful results this soon. Maybe Boye expected it, maybe not; in any case there was a very big risk on his side;
and still there is, though to a much smaller extent.

Also coming to mind:
If Boye did not take the risk (and the support through these pages), how long more would this predicament be tolerated in the high-level bridge world (with all its bodies and elements)?

Even in a game of high intellectuality and civility, in this era, it is sad that another hero (!) was needed. This is even more demoralizing than the cheating itself.

I hope for the days… when we won’t need another hero.    
Sept. 7, 2015
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