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Duplicated Bidding Problems and Lead Problems

From time to time, problems posted to the Bidding and Lead section are multiples - probably caused by the (inadvertent) time lag between submission and recognition of the submission by the browser.  Impatient submitters can and do submit again and again perhaps thinking that the first secod or third time they clicked submit had not registered.  

1) Why not put a busy or progress icon showing the user something is happening? Perhaps even a red text warning to users akin to the warning on some sites where we purchase goods and services:

Click ONCE please! Multiple clicks will result in duplicate problems and annoyed readers.

2) Why not check to see if the submission is materially equivalent to the first (not for edits or updates, please) and offer the submitter a chance to delete it?

3) Why not add a duplicate flag to the post so that readers can identify duplicates from the same author (must be coincidental in time, not just the same hand by a different author, etc).


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