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The site search capability works well for titles and article content.  However the comments themselves often have useful bridge content - system explanations, meta rules, etc.  We need a way to not lose the comment content that this site has.  Would it be possible to index comments so that they could be searched?  

Categorizing the many opening leads and auctions on this site so that they can be grouped by theme would be an immensely valuable undertaking.  Simply offering a graphical presentation of a theme like: 1 - (P) - 2  - (P) - 2 - (P) - ?? and allowing the many auctions to be presented in a similarly presented list based on this root auction - would be a big help.  Opening leads could have an auction root or a hand root.  Indeed one might be able to input a hand and see what existing bids and leads have been made with closest neighbor equivalents.  

Conventions and their detail are something that this site holds and are not always easy to extract, partly because the site is not curated and authors have their own way of writing, and partly because much of the richness is in the comments and not the articles.  If content maps were possible showing what's on the site in a topic map that we could use to navigate to our goal (Think Gazilli as the focus and related treatments that are possible substitutes).  

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