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Should be able to specify forum from article Edit or Publish page.

I would like to suggest that there should be a way to specify, during or after the editing process, which forum an article will be posted in.  If you create an article/poll/problem from the site header's Create menu, it's not obvious that the new article will go to the front page and not to whatever forum you were viewing at the time (there is a mention that it will go to the front page, but I think it could be clearer).

There should be an option, either on the Edit page or on the Publish page, where one can verify which forum the new article will go to and change that if it is not what is desired.

I recently posted a poll to the front page that was I meant to go to the Intermediate forum -- not a big deal, and I did get good feedback on my question.  I went looking for a way to specify which forum, and didn't find anything.  I did later find the "New Post" button in the forum header, which is probably how it was intended to be done, but that's not obvious to new or infrequent posters.

Another suggestion would be that if I go to the Create menu while reading a specific forum, my new article should go into that forum.

If changing the existing behavior isn't feasible, perhaps a note could be added to the Whoa There popup that says "Your article will be posted to: Front Page".

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