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I have one significant annoyance with the the fantasy pick UI and a few minor comments.  If you click outside the bracket area (on the black background) while setting up your picks, all your work is gone with no warning.  I did that twice.  Yeah, I should have been more careful, especially the second time.  But still.

There is an asterisk next to Dinkin and a footnote explaining the meaning of a double asterisk.

If you start your work by selecting "No upset bracket," as I always do, planning to tweak it, there is a warning about overwriting previous selections even if there are none.

It's nice to have a "What If" post after the quarterfinals, indicating the eight possible winners based on the results of the last three matches.  Have you considered either automating this to spare me the trouble of getting it wrong every year or else provide a way for someone to download all the bracket selections, which would also enable other interesting statistical posts?

I always pick Fleisher and he never wins.  What can be done about that?

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