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I am quoting from Russ Jones' "A message from the President" in May's Bulletin.

"A first draft of a new governance plan was discussed at the BoD in Memphis."

It would include a nine-member BoD and an undisclosed number of members on a new BoG, now to be called the Senate.

I think this is a step in the right direction. The Senate will handle day-to-day operations, the BoD, guidance and strategic planning.

It is the makeup of the Senate that concerns me. Again quoting, "The Senate would be charged with the oversight of all bridge-related business. This would include tournaments, masterpoints, Hall of Fame, NABC scheduling, etc."

I make note of the omission of any reference to our 2,800 member clubs.

Perhaps it was simply an oversight, or perhaps it falls under, "etc" as kind of an afterthought, a catch-all for whatever else might be of some lesser importance.

It is during this transition in governance that we, our 2,800 member clubs, need to make our strength and importance known to whoever is deciding on just how this new body is to be made up.

I have no idea how a club organization will look, or what its charter would be, or what issues will be at the forefront. I only know that now is the right time to organize and make sure that no longer do we not have a respected and powerful say in matters that affect the health and well being, not only of the clubs, but of the very future of bridge. 

Your thoughts please.

Jeff Bayone

Club owner

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