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If you teach beginners:

Go to the Honors website, There, on the right side, you'll find a picture of two very happy young people. Just above that, click on Best e-Bridge, and be introduced to the best teaching site on the planet. You'll get two days to check it out. If you think it's as good a learning tool as we do, we'll see that your free subscription is extended indefinitely.

The tutorials are amazing.

Please start by going to Hand Play...Winning tricks...level 3. I think this is such a cool way to introduce new players to the essence of the game.

Next, back to Hand Play, this time Introduction to NT. These are the hands that we use to supplement our introductory bridge course. Each week we give the students five hands for homework from this area. We start them on it after lesson 2. Towards the end of that lesson, we demonstrate how to use BeB and we make sure to bring it up every lesson and issue a new set of five hands. The correlation between BeB use and player continuation is impressive.   For your students to receive 6 free weeks of BeB themselves, all you need do is send Honors their emails. We forward them to Oryah in Israel and within a day they'll be able to log on.   We've been using BeB for years. So has Henry Meguid, the current American Bridge Teacher Association (ABTA) President, and this year's Teacher of the Year.  

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