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Players moving before the round is called

In some clubs I've been to, everyone stays at their table until the round is called. In others, people get up and move if the next table is ready.

I started out with the former at my small club (6-8 tables), but got quite of bit pressure from our more experienced players that they want to hurry up. My experience, though, is this just gets the rounds more and more out of kilter as the game goes on. And it can be intimidating for the newer (slower) players when they feel like they are holding things up, or when there are people milling about.

I'm not talking about a long round. We keep to 7.5 min/bd, and I'll call the round even if some haven't finished, and I request no new boards started with less than 5 min on the clock. Most rounds are finished before the clock is up, so I don't think we are particularly slow.

If it matters, my club is about 30% players with 1000+ MP, 40% 100-1000, and 30% < 100 MP.

What do you do?

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