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Questions about running a Swiss team club game

(Forgive me if you think these questions are dumb, I've only been directing since February and running my own club since September.)

I started a new club this past fall in my area.  We aren't a big group, and many members aren't even  right now as they learn the game and whatnot.  Some that are, though, are requesting I try to run a a team event or two at the club, so they can prepare for when there are games at sectionals/regionals/etc.

I've read through the ACBL guide for running Swiss team games, but there are still so many questions.

For those who have run a club team games:

1.) How do you set up teams?  Do you let the pairs pick their own teams?  Set up teams via average strength to even things out?  Pull pairs out of a hat?

2.) Let's say that, hypothetically, I have 8 tables/teams, which is a normal game for us.  The guide shows me how to run a Swiss setup in ACBLscore.  But it doesn't go deeply into how to run the match.  Hypothetically, let's say I do three matches at 7 boards a match.  Should I then have four sets of similar boards for the match for each round?  Or does it not really matter which boards get played, as long as so many boards get played by each team each round?

3.) I'm going to be playing around with ACBLscore this afternoon (obviously not just doing this blindly), but do you use the Bridgemates for the results on every hand?  Or does the director just type the final score in after each match?

4.) Assume we do win/loss instead of VPs.  I assume there's a setting that pairs teams by record.  Can you force which teams play each other in a given round?

4.) Any other hints and tricks for running a small club team game like this?

Again I apologize for the obviousness of some of these questions, but I've never actually run a team game myself, and I think if I get everything figured out it could be really fun for them.

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