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questions for club owners

THANK YOU in advance to those who take time to answer i am asking only to try to improve my club.  

We all have a few things in common, love bridge{no club owner does otherwise} willing to help others, think how often a player asks you a question not related to bridge and you help, lastly dealing with ACBL, self explanitory.

question 1. Alot has been referred  on here as to whether Units are helping local clubs within their area  or like mine rather useless {unit 249}

I would like to ask each of you what Unit you are in and whether they offer any help to local clubs and if so please describe how.

If they offer no help please also respond with Unit #

question 2,  LBIAD what is price point most charge for this one day program ?  Our club is based in a small town of 70 thousand a retirement community 

bridge has been very affordable and club successful, we do struggle to get large classes for lessons usually no more than 2 tables at a time.

question 3. Do you advertise your club in free publications? ones you pay for? or do you rely  on word of mouth mainly?

question 4. Special ACBL games, how many do you run a year? Which ones are more successful than others?

question 5  Are you for profit or owned by members/unit? 

Thanks again to all who take time to answer

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