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So how's your onboarding experience been?

I wanted to continue to thank all the members on here for all their continued advice and support.

How has the onboarding process been for everybody so far onto BBO ACBL Virtual Clubs?

Have you been able to onboard yet?

I have a very small club, but also direct at a medium-size club.  Therefore I got to jump the line a bit and start training and directing.  I've been able to direct games the past three days and am getting more and more comfortable with everything.

ACBL TD Alex (#8) has been very helpful in getting the club up and running (and let me stress, very patient).  I appreciate all his guidance and hard work, as well as the rest of the ACBL higher ups.  I've enjoyed some of the video chat sessions we've had with Jay and Greg and company, and appreciate Silvana Morici from Sagamore for her training videos.

My biggest issue is getting my smaller club all set up and raring to go.  Not because I need any additional training (the ACBL likes when people know how to do it without extra help since I've already been trained), but explaining to members exactly how to register and log in and add $$$ and all that kind of stuff.  Some issues are easy to deal with (where to click) and others aren't (hardware that is older and not able to run properly).  Not being able to help in person also makes things more difficult as well, but people are very upbeat about it all.

It's been a fun and interesting process.

How has your process been for your club?

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