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Tacos and Such

Imagine you own a food truck, with an A health rating and good food. Let's pick tacos as an example. Your regular tacos are $2 each, or 3 for $5 if you are a truck club member. Your customers get various colored stars for specified numbers and types of tacos they buy, with the records maintained by you (no need to keep a punch card). Get enough stars of the right colors and you get "Taco Master" rank and your photo displayed on the truck for a month. No discounts, don't ask.

One day you are at the store buying taco fixin's and you run into a Taco Master.  "Hey, good to see you, thought maybe you'd left town, haven't seen you at the truck for months!" "Oh, I go to the other truck. They don't give stars, and they don't have all the fancy fish tacos and such, but they only charge 20 cents or three for half a buck."

They must be terrible, or filthy, you think. So you check them out, and find that their truck is clean and their basic tacos are the same as yours. On the way home, you hear one of their special events advertised on the radio. "What gives???"

Turns out they are "Not for Profit" so they get their truck, a parking spot, and occasional media promotion FREE, subsidized by the taxpayers. How long are you going to be trying to make a living from YOUR taco truck? And do you really think your customers will stay with you just so they can travel to a taco truck convention and pay extra for essentially the same fare? Only those who like gourmet tacos will bother, unless they want an excuse to go visit the locale (and then you schedule the taco tasting events in a way that won't let them get out to enjoy the sights).

Something's wrong with this model.

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