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Teaching Lessons During Bridge Games

Our bridge club, which is managed by board members and committees, moved to a new location in September. And by doing so, we lost players who did not want to drive 30 minutes to the new location. Before moving, our novice program consisted of an evening 199er game, a weekend, limited chat game and a pro am game on Monday nights. 

On Thursdays, at 1PM, we now have an established open/stratified game and a new 199er game. The normal table count is 6 in the open/stratified game and 2-4 in the 199er game.

Our education committee recently scheduled lessons for non-life masters, twice a month, 2PM-3PM, during these Thursday games.

Can some of you club owners, and those with marketing, managing, directing or teaching experience explain how this could work to the club's advantage?

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