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Teaching online the way I teach live

When I teach completely new to bridge players live my goal is to get them where they can organize a contest among themselves as quickly as possible.

In other words, I am not trying to teach them to play good bridge, I am just trying to get them to be able to play bridge at all. This generally begins with playing a game I call "take tricks" (you probably think of it as whist). From there I progress to a "wouldn't it be great" conversation about long suits and trump (with some sidetracks into ways in which bridge has infiltrated our language -- such and such "trumps" so and so). Next step is we bid (no suits just numbers) for the right to name a trump suit of our choosing. Then we expose a dummy and have players bid for the right to partner with the exposed hand and be declarer. We introduce the concept of bidding suits and ranks, etc.

Penultimately, we talk about bidding conversation style. When I say 1, I propose that we declare with s as trump. After a brief foray into the world of scoring, we introduce the idea of game bids, vulnerability and slam bonuses.

Now they are ready to experiment and play the game themselves.

Where I live, the traffic is so bad that if people have to actually meet face to face, it kills the event.  Is there any online site or app that will allow me to set up the game with these various rules along the way?

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