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Twelve-board games for Alzheimer Fund games -- small sections, movement suggestions?

Squeezing in as many games as possible for Bridge Marathons, giving players extra shots at Masterpoints. Twelve-board games pay the same as 18+-board games for Alzheimer Fund games in ACBL-land between June 17 and 24.

Gotta divide the crowd into as few close-to-equal-size sections as possible and run twelve boards in each section.

Four-table Howell gives 14 boards -- game is too long.  four-table Mitchell with arrow switch in final round (Tom Moore's work) allows twelve boards -- a winner!

Five-table Mitchell, three-board rounds, cut one round short works.  Better ideas?

Seven-table Mitchell, two-board rounds, same as above.

Six-table Mitchell, byestand-relay, two-board rounds.

Three-table Mitchell if desperate, four-board rounds.

Seeking better suggestions -- please help!

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