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Can you escape, or even lessen your chances of contracting the Corona Virus by skipping the Nationals?

Unless you believe that this Administration will take the lead from the Chinese and shut down whole areas of the country by imposing Martial Law, containing the spread of this virus will be, at best, extremely problematic.

What portion of the population do you think will eventually contract the virus before it runs its course? It seems it spreads incredibly easy, more so than a normal flu.Do you believe that we will be able to contain it? Or am I the only one who feels that washing our hands is today's equivalent of hiding under our desks?

Apparently each infected person spreads it to somewhere between two and three people. But unless you and everyone else is tested, and tested repeatedly, since the incubation period is a week to as much as 14 days before one exhibits symptoms, and because one may be infected, not know it, and still be contagious, who knows who's spreading it? They don't have to cough or sneeze, just touch something that you touch. You may think that masks (try getting one that is effective) and gloves are the answer. Nice try. But what about the rest of the clothes you wear? Doctors shed their outerwear when leaving an infected area. Will you be doing the same?

Can be contained so I'm not going to Columbus
Can not be contained so what the hell.
Nobody knows so I'm not going
Nobody knows so what the hell

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