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Groundhog Day

What if, as far as rents and mortgage payments go, everyone went to bed tonight, March 18th, and woke up tomorrow morning and it was still March 18th? And this continued to happen every day until we were out from under this crisis?

Mortgage payments and rents have due dates. But what if the due date never comes? The government has already told my daughter that interest payments on her student loan have been suspended. Now that must have hurt someone. Who was it that was left holding the bag, and how bad was that hurt?

The economy doesn't need a stimulus so much as a safety net. If these first-of-the-month obligations are put on hold, come April 1, no one defaults on their rents and mortgages. Without it, come April 1, hundreds of thousands of family and other small businesses go under and millions of us will have to decide between shelter and food. I'm guessing food wins.

In the 2008 crisis it was the banks that were too big to fail. This time it's the entire country.

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