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1NT - 4NT quantative , mutiny by partner

After 1NT - 4NT (quantitative choose between 4NT or 6NT) partner bid 5D. 

So I thought partner forget it , because he gives answer on aces question.  We end up in the wrong contract.

After the play he told me 5D is searching for playing in a 4-4 fit , look our system-book I send too you.

Defense myself I say , i'am the captain of the bidding after you open 1NT and b.t.w. NT slam pays more at MP

System  book ;  after 1SA - 4SA - 5D says forcing and shows  4krt  D  +  4krt M  or 5C.

So it was my fault not remembering the system book.

Question is , does it make any sense searching for a 4-4 fit to play 6X instead off 6NT ?

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