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A good bid, justly rewarded or a wild punt that got lucky?

Matchpoints at the club, a decent field, your opponents are one of the top pairs in the event - better than you.

You hold AQ83 63 97 QJ875. Favorable.

LHO opens 1 (4 card majors)

Partner overcalls 1

RHO bids 2

Your call.

I thought this:

We have a 9 card fit. Opps must have an 8 card fit in one of the reds. Perhaps a 9 card fit and perhaps a double fit.

If they can make 10 tricks in  then TNT suggests that we are 3 off in 4 for a good result.

Can they make 10 tricks in ?

If they play there, we may only get 1  and whatever partner has in the reds, it seems that both trumps and dummy's side suit will break well for them.

Also, at this stage, I am the only person who knows about the 9 card spade fit for NS and the favorable break in the red suits for E/W. That meant that for me, bidding 4 felt like a decision whereas my opponents action over that bid - double or 5 of a red suit would be more of a guess.

I bid 4, they doubled and we went for 500. Two other tables had the same score but ten tables scored 680 for E/W.

So, was my 4 a sensible action of was it just another punt that got lucky? All comments welcome.

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