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After Partner's Reverse

Once partner has reversed, I know a lot about his hand -- he has 17+ points and almost certainly 5-4 or better in his two suits, and wasn't suitable for a 2NT opening or rebid.

However, we're not quite in game-force territorry, and if I don't have a fit for partner's suits, how do I bid on to find the best level and strain?  Does it matter if my first bid was 1NT and already denied 4-card support for partner's second suit?

If the auction was 1-1NT (forcing)-2, and I have a doubleton , should I bid 3 as I would have done over 2 or 2?

I don't like the idea of "you have 17 points, I have 9, we don't have a fit, so I'll just bid 3NT", but what's the alternative? 

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