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Amusing hand

Needing a flight C NAP qualifier, I wandered into the MIT bridge club last night.Here's an interesting hand that cropped up:

WestS T932H AK5D K64C KT3

EastS AK876H 93D 983C A96

You arrive in a challenging 4S contract after the following uncontested auction

1S - 2NT4S

2NT was Jacoby.4S shows a balanced minimum

First, note that there was no Michael's cue bid by South.(South was sitting on a 605 with both reds)  If there were such a cue, declarer can get the spades right and life becomes a lot easier.

The opening lead was the 8 of Hearts, won with the Ace. I lead the 10 of Spades from dummy. There was a slight hitch. Even so I jumped with the Ace and cashed a second top spade to discover that RHO started with QJx.

Next began a long series of exclusions and thrown in.

I cashed a top Heart, Ruffed a heart, and exited a spade, forcing RHO to break Clubs or Diamonds. RHO wisely decided to exit a diamond, so I cashed the King and exited with a diamond. LHO cashed two diamonds and then excited a club.

I ducked in dummy, RHO rose with the Jack, won by my Ace. I now had a finesse available against LHO's Queen of clubs.

Fun hand (And I believe the same even after RHO showed up with the Jack and low of clubs, setting me by 1.

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