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Any vibes?

You hold some balanced hand with 14HCP and good intermediates. You open, not a NT as that's 15-17, but some minor, partner bids a M.You bid a NT, he bids 2(which you alert as XYZEE).  You transfer to 2. Now partner pauses a bit and rebids the M. You have JX in his M. What do you bid?  I bid 3NT and opponents started objecting that my partner had paused and that meant for God's sake don't pass my 2M. Agreed he did pause but I have my 14 HCP max. to accept  the game invitation. As next he bid 6NT which turned out to be cold. What do you as TD decide?   PS: He did admit later on that he thought XYZee was only applicable if the last bid wasn't 1NT. Seems he bid 2 as NmF in his mind. So probably I had opened 1.  

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