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Bidding minor suit hands after partner opens 2NT

My partner and I open 2NT with 20-21 HCP (2C-2D-2NT = 22-23).  We are trying to consider good ways to handle minor suit hands after these openings.  Now: 3C = Puppet Stayman, 3D/3H = transfers, 3S = Minor suit Stayman (MSS), 3NT = 5/4 Spades/Hearts, 4C = Gerber, 4D/H = Texas transfers.  We recognize that MSS is constraining as it needs responder to have both minors, and does not accommodate a hand with one good minor and game or slam-going values.

We are willing to change the meaning of the 3S response to an opening 2NT, and to give up our meaning of the 3NT response (for something better).  I suppose we also could give up Texas Transfers, although doing so would eliminate a good feature of major-suit slam tries. Does anyone have suggestions of current systems to handle both 1-suited & 2-suited minors?

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