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Bridge Books, Magazines and Pamphlets for Sale

I am moving and would like to sell my last remaining bridge books, pamphlets, and magazines that I found lying around tucked away in a corner.

Two hardbound Kelsey books: Simple Squeezes and Double Squeezes (these were obtained from a library sale years ago).Three Granovetter GUS Series pamphlets: Booklets 4, 5, and 6 -- One of a Major - Two Clubs, One of a Major Bidding, and GUS One Diamond.Six Bridge World Challenge The Champs Booklets: Books II to VII.Six Bridge World Magazines: May 1981, July 1981, January 1982, April 1982, October 1982, December 1997.Nine issues of Bridge Today Magazine: July/August 2000, September/October 2000, November/December 2000, January/February 2001, March/April 2001, May/June 2001, July/August 2001, September/October 2001, January/February 2002.Seven System pamphlets: 1st IPBM Book of Bidding Hands, Cappelletti Over One-Of-A-Major Doubled, Doubles in Competition, Bridge Gimmicks and Gadgets (Cappelletti and Boyd), Defending Against Pre-empts, The Multi-Coloured 2 Diamonds, Summary of the Super Precision System.

Everything for $25 total via Paypal (includes media mail shipping within the United States).

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