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Bypassing 1 and bidding 1NT with a balanced hand without a major

Assume partner has opened 1 promising 3 cards, and we are responding.


In Walsh style bidding, when holding diamonds and a major in a weak hand, the diamonds are bypassed. However (to my understanding), with a weak balanced hand with a 4 or 5 card diamond suit and no major, 1 is the standard bid.


But why not bypass 1 and bid 1NT? Through this,  we win the (matchpoint) race to 1NT, preempt the fourth hand from a cheap 1M overcall, and describe our shape and strength fairly tightly right away. However, we might miss a diamond fit, and the weaker hand gets to declare notrumps.


Specifically, I am talking about the following shapes:




Consider a hand that you evaluate as 6-9 hcp. What do you think about bidding 1NT instead of 1 with these shapes?

Please select up to 5 choices.

Good with 5(332)
Ok with 5(332)
Bad with 5(332)
Good with (32)=4=4
Ok with (32)=4=4
Bad with (32)=4=4
Good with 3=3=4=3
Ok with 3=3=4=3
Bad with 3=3=4=3
Depends on honor distribution
Depends on strength (for instance, I bid differently with 6-7 than 8-9 hcp)
Depends on scoring (MPs vs IMPs)

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