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Crash and burn

My partner and I really crashed and burned on this hand.  I made fatal error in that I did not see my East make a 3   bid, but I want opinions as to whether or not in this Michaels bid situation if the responder should ask or just take the major suit and hope for the best....and once the pard corrects to 3, should the Michaels bidder correct to 4.  You can be cruel, I need new glasses for sure since I did not see the 3 bid which I would have passed in a New York second.  My questions are:

1.  Should North ask about the minor with his hand?

2.  Once he does ask, should South correct the 3 bid to 4, after  North's ask since he is positive that North has 2 or less hearts (with East not jumping in with the awful spade bid, giving us opportunity to bail)?

N deals

N/S vul





---                 AQJ1097

QJ975             K

KQ3               J8754

109654           Q





N       E      S      W

P      1    2    P

2NT   P       3    P

3   3     4    P

X      P        P      P   

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