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Dear Mr. Club Director:

A few times in your club, my p and I have done very well, getting 55+%. That's good enough for an A prize, so we're expecting to have earned Points. Sure enough, we look at the scores, and we get 1.x—not bad for C-players in a club game. But I look at the scores closely, and see that we're listed as an A pair. You've bumped us up, in order to allow other C's to garner points. That sounds all magnanimous and all, what with you spreading the points around like the trophies at the end of Little League season. Still seems weird, though; nobody's confusing us with A players.

So, then, a couple weeks later, we get 51%—good enough for a decent C prize, right? Eau de cointreau; other C players had a good game, so they hogged all the A and B prizes, as well as the C awards. For some reason, you chose not to bump them up to A-range! Why is that?

It's weird that you have the authority to bounce people's points around like that; maybe you can do it to correct the error when some world-class pair from Finland or Bangladesh comes to town, so they don't unfairly smoke the C class. But what you're doing seems not to be in the spirit of that rule at all. And you seem not to be applying it uniformly!

Here's a suggestion: if you're going to monkey with players' points, do so the same way every time.

Better still: just don't do it. We C players don't need your charity, and we resent it when you hand it out haphazardly. 

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