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Equivalent of FSF-1round, NMF/Checkback after 1m-1h; 2m-?

Hi all, one of my partners and I have recently switched from Fourth Suit Forcing to game to Fourth Suit Forcing for one round.  We play 2/1, strong NT, 5533 opening requirements, and are willing for opener to raise responder's major with an outside stiff and no other acceptable rebid. The motivation for the change is to deal with responder's hands with five hearts (or five spades in the auction 1-1; 2) and invitational values.  Are there similar treatments to New Minor Forcing and FSF-1round for when opener rebids their minor instead of rebidding 1NT or a third suit?  In this case there's no fourth suit, and responder would have to manufacture a bid of a third suit to continue forcing.  For example, what can you do with this hand after 1-1; 2-? if you don't want to lose a 5-3 heart fit?:

Move one of the black honors into the other black suit to make it more unsuitable for NT or for a manufactured 2 bid if you like.  And say that opener's distribution is 2=3=6=2, so they're loath to raise your hearts with three and no singleton. Thanks!

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