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edSimply a question of ethics:


Played a club game recently against opponents, one of whom is a leading player in the bridge world and the other presumably a sponsor.


IMPs EW vulnerable

North: J7 K2 AKQ1065 K107

South: QJ42 AJ1095 83 A9

West: A85 Q74 J72 QJ53

East: K963 863 94 A9


Bidding: N 1NT - E Pass - S 2 W Pass

             N2 - E Pass - S 2 W Pass

             N 3NT


East, my partner led 9. North (declarer) asked  the meaning of a lead from 9 and I explained that it can either be top of nothing

or an honor + 10 and 9.  Needless to say, when I got in with the Q I returned a diamond. In fact we only lost 1 IMP on this

board so you might consider this not a big deal, but my question is about the ethics of the question regarding a diamond lead to his AKQ10xx.

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