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How many Diamonds does opener guarantee?

1.  If you open 1D and later rebid 2C, how many D do you guarantee?

2.  Is there any situation where you might hold 4D and 4C?

3.  Is there any situation where you might hold 4D and 5C?

Some experts play that opening 1D followed by a later 2C bid guarantees at least 5 D.  I think that there are many hands where it is better to open 1D and rebid 2C with 4D and 5C.  E.g.


If I open 1C and partner (as partners frequently do) responds 1S, I have no good bid to make.  But if I open the hand 1D, I have an easy 2C rebid.

Even worse, what if I hold?


What does one rebid (after opening 1C) when the opponents overcall 1H/S and partner makes a negative double.  I am happy if I am 544 with 4CS for partner, but what if I have a void in partner's suit with 5440 distribution?  1NT is possible, but not very descriptive.  On the other hand, if you open 1D with those hands, you have a comfortable 2C rebid.

What if LHO bids 1M, partner makes a negative double and RHO raises to 2M?  Again, if you are 5440 or 5431 (short in partner's suit), what do you bid if you opened 1C?  If you opened 1D, you have an easy 3C rebid (suggesting 5C).  

If you could whisper in partner's ear, what suit would you suggest partner lead, C (with KJ742) or D (with KQ108), assuming a suit contract?

The experts who believe that opening 1D and rebidding C guarantees at least 5D point out that this eliminates the ambiguity between hold 4D and 5C vs 5+D and 4C.  While I agree this is a significant advantage, I don't think it compensates for all the other reasons for sometimes opening 1D with 4D and 4C or even 4D and 5 C.

What do you think, and why?


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