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At a match point event I held: KQJ108 and a balanced hand of around 11HCP. Both RED Partner dealt and passed, RHO bid 1NT(15-16)and I  Xed to show a single suitor(DONT), ya I should have had a six carded but that's a different thread. Partner alerted it and when asked said DONT. Partner bid 2, passed which I corrected to 2.Now lLHO pointedly started asking," okay single suitor?" Yes said partner. Then asked how many cards, partner said 6+. Then a pause and, "okay 6carder" and then a pass. Partner passed, and the NT bidder Xed. That's when I called the TD. And i explained what transpired during the bidding till then to him, All he asked of them was what's this last X by the NT opener, when told takeout. said okay play it out. result was 2X -2=500.Before LHO lead, I pointedly asked RHO that if LHO had Xed my 2 what would it mean, and was told take out, TD allowed the re4sult to stand. I am still awaiting the board results so I am not sure if they could score 600+ in a NT game, but....the score was allowed to stand. Was the TD right?

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