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Insufficient Bids

One of the most difficult things for me with the new rules (well, from a few years ago) is the whole insufficient bid mess.

It's not that I don't generally understand the basics, it's that I have a hard time explaining it to players when it happens.

"Insufficient. Director!"

"First of all, your opponent can accept the insufficient bid."

"No, thank you."

"OK, then since the opponent has declined the bid, you have two options. You can make a sufficient, comparable bid, and then the auction returns to normal, or you can make any other bid or pass that you'd like, but your partner would be barred from further bidding."

"Well, does _________ work?"

"I can't technically tell you that."

" ... "

"Yes, yes, for the love of $%(* bid _____."

1.) What's the best way to explain what a sufficient and comparable bid is. FWIW, using the word "subset" doesn't seem to help either, because it's been 80 years since half these people took a math class in high school. How do you explain it to your players?

Let's test out some bids and see what people understand and don't understand, myself included.

2.) Opponent opens 1. Both the overcalling team members bid 1. Would a 1 bid be comparable by the 4th seat OOT overcaller (assuming responder passed opener's 1?

3.) Opponent opens 2. Overcaller says 1. Could overcaller comparably say 2NT?

4.) Can the insufficient overcaller ever "X"?

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