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Inverted minors by passed hand

What does a raise of 1D to 2D by a passed hand mean, assuming that the partnership plays inverted minors by unpassed hands.

If you play that 2D is a simple D raise (6-9 with 4+D), what do you do with a maximum passed hand (without a four card major) for which 2NT is likely to wrong-side the contract (e.g. AK5 54 Q984 Q752)

I don't like temporizing with 1H or 1S since partner could quite easily P (or even raise) with three card support.  I don't like bidding 1NT since it clearly understates my values AND likely wrong-sides the contract.

I think P 1D 2D should still be inverted (but no longer forcing).

This problem is pretty much eliminated if your partner opens 1C after you pass initially.  You can temporize with 1D after which partner will usually rebid 1Nt (likely right-siding the contract and now you can raise to 2NT).  Thus P 1C 2C can be a simple club raise (6-9 5+clubs).


P 1D 2D is still inverted
P 1D 2D is simple D raise (4+D 6-9)

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