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Is this defence to precision as mad as I think it is.

A new partner has invited me to play the following defense to a precision 1 and I do not think that it is a good defence.

All one level bids show a single suited hand. The suit being, the one below the suit bid.

Thus (1)-1D shows clubs and goes all the way up to (1)-1NT showing spaces.

It is justified as "really getting in the way of the opponents' bidding" but it does not seem to do that. For example, after 1-(1) responder can pass to show a hand that would have bid 1 and double to show a hand that would have bid 1. You have not lost the 1 bid as you would not have wanted to bid it as that is RHO's suit. You even get an extra bid because 2 by responder is not needed as a natural bid. What's more, you can wait for opps to bid their suit at the two level and then you have more doubles and Lebensohl available.

So to me it seems that this system does not take anything away from the 1 openers and gives them even more room for bidding expression. Then there is the downside that, if you are going to get doubled it will always be at least at the two level and I can see no merit over natural bids or something like multi-Landy.

Any comments?

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