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Jump rebid over Drury

For those of you who use Drury, I'm wondering what you suggest for the jump rebid of opener's suit, e.g.

P - 1 -

2 - 3

One website suggested it was "invitational" which seems useless since 2 itself is invitational. If you have a solid opener but are not confident about bidding game, then bidding 2 (or some other new suit) seems like the way to explore further (I'm assuming reverse Drury here).

Should 3 show an extra-long suit and not much outside? Interest in slam? (Presumably a jump new suit would be a splinter so this would be at least semi-balanced.) 2 is unlimited, so with slam interest you could start with 2 and then bid something else after partner bids some number of spades; would there be an advantage to using 3?

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