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KnR count for QJT units.

Consider the hand : QJT2-QJT-QJT-QJT.  This hand can be evaluated by the4CCC method , aka KnR.

It evaluates as 9.7 by Th.Andrewss and R.Pavlicek using a computer algorithm.

The TA print out also shows the count for each suit and RP lists the agorithm used by him.

When trying to follow the RP method , I'm unable to get the same values a shown by TA.

Specifically, I get 2.65 for the Spade sut vs 2.85 ad 2.30 for eacg 3-card sut vs 2.45.

Thus I get a final total value of 9.05 vs 9.7.

What am I overlooking or misunderstanding?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


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