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Limit raise of major in 2? (2/1 GF)

What do you think about including the limit raise of a major in 2 when playing 2/1 GF? Instead of going through the 1NT response. If it matters, the rest of the system played with regular partner is 1 bal. or cl, unbalanced diamond, 5cM w non-forcing 1NT and 2NT GF w support, 14-16 1NT, open most balanced 11 counts. Some thoughts:


- 2 is overloaded – cl, bal. GF and limit raise. More hands to sort out later and more difficult in competition. Responder will for instance show GF 3card support later, presumably with a jump in partners major, losing space for slam-investigation.

- Need artificial follow-ups by opener to enable the pair to stop in 2M. One such might be 2¨ as “waiting” with weak bal, hand or diamonds while other bids “have something to say” with regard to strength and/or distribution. At present we use natural bidding here.


- To stop in 2M with two balanced 11-counts. This is the main one but how important?

- 1M-1NT is non-forcing – no need to bid a 3card minor with a balanced 12-13 count, the 2§ rebid is natural (or 16+ as we play).

- Disadvantage no 2 can be turned into an advantage – develop better methods after the GF-response Laughing

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